Lisa Nelson

Hi! I’m Lisa Nelson, an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Cape Town.

I use visions, dreams, and symbolism as a method of self-healing, learning to empower myself by bringing my internal stories into conscious awareness.

This method drives my creative expression and desire to depict women as they navigate their unique  journeys towards self discovery — shifting their perceptions, overcoming their distortions, embracing their vulnerability, and expressing their inner beauty. 

My process usually begins with a feeling, impression, or dream that, through the act of journaling and introspection, gradually gains shape and dimension as I work backwards, unearthing the symbols my mind needs to tell its story.

I find the processes of creating both traditional and digital art valuable in their own unique ways. I also enjoy being part of a community and taking part in collaborations for causes that are close to my heart, particularly when these are related to social justice, women’s rights, and environmental protection.